ArchiBox Labeler

Welcome to ArchiBox Labeler
An app to quickly create labels for archival boxes.

To use the app, download either the template for standard sizes (Record Boxes, full-size and half-size Hollinger document boxes) or the template for custom sizes.

The templates download as Excel workbooks, but you must save your work and upload it as a CSV file. You must also leave the column titles exactly as they are in the template. If the columns don’t apply, leave them blank.

Upload a csv file to get started!

Once the files are uploaded, you can click each link and either print directly from the webpage or save as pdfs.

Some guidelines and tips—

  1. Upload file as CSV.
  2. Don’t change the column headers.
  3. If a field does not apply, leave it blank.
  4. You can enter multiple sizes in the same document (all standard sizes in the standard size template, any custom size in the custom template).
  5. Be aware - the labels will generate with like-sizes, not in the order in which you enter them. Download all links provided to access all labels.
  6. The tall labels are intended to be folded over the top edge of the short side of the box, and paper-clipped in place.

These are the recognized label formats: